Jennifer Aniston: her 1st interview after her separation from Brad Pitt revealed!


In 2005, Jennifer Aniston gave a rare interview where she spoke openly about her separation from Brad Pitt!

The couple Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt continues to talk. And this, 15 years after their separation. Besides, a rare interview with the actress of Friends has resurfaced …

Jennifer Aniston claims it loud and clear. She is mad at her ex. Indeed, Brad Pitt had left a hot rumor running at the start of the year.

Remember, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. The two exes greeted each other. In front of a crowd of stars … And of photographers who have therefore photographed everything.

Quickly, the gossip had thus taken a considerable scale. Let Internet users imagine a new union. Between the two lovebirds. And that’s not all !

We’re even talking about a remarriage this summer. It was on a beach in Mexico that the two exes planned to renew their vows.

Separated in 2005, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt continue to be talked about. Besides, an old interview of the couple resurfaced …

In 2005, a few months after her divorce, the actress of Friends let a journalist interview her in her Californian villa. The opportunity to have crisp details on the former star couple.

Indeed, the couple had therefore divorced following Brad’s infidelities. But, at the time, Jennifer Aniston therefore refused to believe it. “So I chose to believe my husband. So I chose to believe him. While many warned me. So I knew the rumors going around, ”she said.

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The young woman therefore confided in her loneliness and her injuries. “Obviously, I am sad. When you try to avoid suffering, it creates another suffering. ” She admitted in tears.

Jennifer Aniston also said she wanted her love story not to be as publicized. ” I am a human being. And I experienced this suffering in the eyes of all. I would have liked this story to remain private. Between him and me “. Regrets that the young woman no longer has today.


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