Jennie worries her fans after revealing these photos

The BLACKPINK rapper’s physical appearance has amazed her thousands of fans. Jennie posted a photo on Instagram and fans are shocked by her weight loss.

BLACKPINK recently announced their long-awaited comeback, after a long time waiting, YG’s girl group will return to the stage with lots of music so that their followers continue to enjoy the talent of the quartet.

In the time interval in which the girls were working with brands and advertising campaigns, Jennie was the cover of several magazines, made special appearances in fashion shows and revealed her love for Kuku, her puppy.

Jennie is one of the idols with the most presence on social networks, on Instagram she has more than 26 million followers so far, the interpreter of ‘Kill This Love’ always tries to update her feed so that her fans find out about the activities you are doing.

A few hours ago, the rapper published two photographs , one showing her face and the other showing most of her body and this has some BLINKS very shocked , as they have noticed a physical change in Jennie .

In the description of her images she commented: ‘I really miss my blinks . I hope everyone is safe and happy, ‘added a smiley face emoji to send good energy to all her fans.

In the comment box, some followers congratulated her on her radiant beauty and great attitude, but others asked her what was happening to her, as they noted that she was much thinner .

A short time ago the date that many of the girls’ fans were waiting for was confirmed, the collaboration of Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK has created many expectations, since the idols and the singer have a great style.

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