Jennie from BLACK PINK looks amazing in a white mini dress at the Chanel show in Paris


Jennie from BLACKPINK was spotted at the Chanel Spring Summer 2023 show in Paris. The BLACKPINK contestant has once again become the subject of discussion on the Internet after she was seen in a stunning mini dress at the Chanel show in Paris, France. Jennie went to the show and immediately found herself in the spotlight with her stunning look.

Jennie appeared in a white one-shoulder dress and a loose jacket, which she carried on her arms. She complemented her outfit with black knee-high boots.

The idol’s videos and photos quickly spread across various social media platforms and online communities, where fans were able to take a look at Jennie’s fashionable image for the show.

K-netizens were also able to watch the video and admire her beauty. They commented, “She’s gorgeous,” “She’s so cute. She has a really unique atmosphere”, “She’s beautiful”, “Jennie Β is definitely Jennie . So beautiful”, “She has such a perfect figure”, “She’s a queen”, “She’s definitely a hot Chanel girl”, “I didn’t like her other outfits, but this one is unique and cute” and “She has such a baby face”.


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