Jennie Displaced At The Halloween Party Of Ariana Grande


Last night, the streets of the United States were filled with children in search of the best sweets, lights with orange tones, houses adorned with false ghosts, zombies, carved pumpkins and terrifying beings.

The parties were the perfect pretext to wear the best costume, make couples dress together, and have a great time. This is how the celebration was attended by the guests who attended the Halloween organized by Ariana Grande.

To this event, many of the singer’s friends attended, among them, her best friend Alexa Luria, who in her Instagram stories, revealed that Jennie, the BLACKPINK member, was at that party; wearing Alice’s costume in Wonderland.

With this we can verify that the idol and Ariana Grande, have a very close relationship, so it is that the friends of the American, get along with the South Korean singer. Wow!

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