Jennie dazzles in new photos for Calvin Klein and Gentle Monster


BLACKPINK rapper joined two new ad campaigns and the result is staggering.

Since her debut, Jennie has positioned herself not only as one of the most beloved singers and rappers by the K-pop fans, she has also managed to charm different brands that have made the idol shine her articles as part of some advertising campaign. .

The visuality of this girl allows her to adapt to a wide variety of concepts, which is why we have seen her face representing a large number of companies. The BLACKPINK rapper recently teamed up with Calvin Klein to model some pieces from her latest collection. Both the brand and Jennie showed their versatility in this photo session, where she was able to wear various styles made with garments of various cuts.

Proud of the result, Jennie shared through her Instagram some of the photos that resulted from this session and her fans have not stopped throwing compliments for her. But Calvin Klein wasn’t the only brand the girl recently collaborated with, eyewear brand Gentle Monster also worked with Jennie on an interesting visual campaign .

In the photographs of this brand we can see Jennie several times within the same image, placed from different positions of the frame while wearing black glasses that prevent us from seeing her gaze clearly, but that undoubtedly complement her look very well.

Jennie was also on the cover of Marie Claire recently, where she had an amazing photo shoot surrounded by pastel shades. However, her fans still continue to await the return of the BLACKPINK girls with a new music release. The idol has hinted that she has been working in the studio , so hopefully we will be able to hear new music from the group very soon.


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