Jennie BLACKPINK’s Instagram account hacked by ARMY


Jennie BLACKPINK’s Instagram account was recently flooded with comments from BTS fans or commonly called ARMY.

Jennie’s last post on her Instagram account, which was uploaded on September 4, 2020, was recently flooded with many comments.

It is only known that this comment came from the BTS fandom who were busy writing, “BTS PAVED THE WAY” or which can be interpreted as “BTS WHO OPEN THE WAY”.

When this article was written, Jennie’s Instagram post has received more than 160 thousand comments.

As ARMYs claim, BTS is a K-Pop group that paved the way for many K-Pop artists in the US music industry.

Not accepting this claim, BLACKPINK fans are busy making trending topics on Twitter with the keyword “BLACKPINK PAVED THEIR OWN WAY” or which means, “BLACKPINK WHO OPENS THE WAY FOR THEIR OWN”.

BLACKPINK fans also flocked to fill Jennie’s Instagram comments column with various support comments so that BLACKPINK members don’t read the negative comments posted by ARMYs.

What do you think about the dispute between BTS and BLACKPINK’s fandom?

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