Jennie (BLACKPINK) “terrorized” widely


This morning, the keyword “Jennie” was on the top trend of 28 countries and the female idol’s Instagram was “terrorized” with a series of malicious comments. It all originated from a video that Jennie interviewed on the SoFlo Morning Show channel, and the female idol’s answer caused a big controversy on the social network.

Specifically, the BLACKPINK rapper’s saying is: “There are already artists traveling to overseas markets that are doing what our group is doing. We want to become a group that opens the door for other artists to spread the word. promote their music, because music is borderless, not just within your country “.

This answer by Jennie may not seem a problem at first, but many fans of other groups think that YG girls are not the ones paving the way for other artists to promote overseas. Even many fans even pointed out the name of the pioneer, BTS. These fans flooded Jennie’s personal Instagram to “terrorize” the female idol with malicious comments.



BTS and BLACKPINK are always “unrelated” opponents, always placed on the table to compare achievements. Recently, BTS has set a miracle when becoming the first Korean artist to have a song that reached No.1 Billboard Hot 100 and even maintained this position for 2 consecutive weeks. Previously, BTS was also called the Asian music industry’s new miracle after the phenomenon at the international award ceremony series and the appearance at the United Nations. Therefore, many global fans argue with Jennie’s saying that BTS is the pioneer group to open the door, not BLACKPINK.

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Not to mention BTS and BLACKPINK, PSY made the world go crazy with the famous horse dance in Gangnam Style – the first video with 1 billion views and making Korean artists more noticeable in the Western market.

BLACKPINK has only progressed in the US in the past 2 years, although it is also very popular with the media and has achieved great success, but not a name that has as much influence in the European and American market as the previous two seniors. However, it must be said again, BLACKPINK is still the “battle horse” of Kpop, a explosive and influential factor on YouTube. There is no denying the merits of this girl group in the globalization of Kpop.

Currently, the name Jennie is still on the top trend of 28 countries, BLACKPINK fans are currently trying to report negative comments, send positive comments, encourage Jennie, and push #JennieBestGirl to the top.


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