Jennie and G-Dragon’s friends say they knew they were dating


Following rumors of a romance between the BLACKPINK member and BIG BANG’s idol, new sources come to light to confirm that the couple is real.

Jennie and G-Dragon never hid their relationship, close friends of the couple allegedly stated that they both formalized their courtship in their closest circle.

BLINK and VIP received the unexpected news that both idols from agency YG were in a relationship. Although the company did not confirm or deny the rumors, some fans have speculated about the possible evidence of their dates , couple clothes, among others. Their agents are said to have also helped them coordinate their sightings and their schedules.

Through social media, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BIG BANG’s G-Dragon were trending on Tuesday night following the revelation of rumors thatthey have been a couple for a year. However, his agency was not willing to give a statement or corroborate the information, since it assures it is the private life of its artists.

It is not the first time that both idols are involved in romance news , Jennie had a little relationship with EXO’s Kai, while G-Dragon has created speculation with girls like Mizuhara Kiko , a famous Japanese model. The two have known each other for several years and it seems that their friendship evolved into something else.


According to a report from SPOTV News, close friends of Jennie and G-Dragon confirmed the news of their dates and their romance, even assuring that both made the relationship official in front of them and never hid.

New rumors indicate that each introduced himself as the other’s boyfriend and girlfriend, never hiding, but it seems they want to keep it low-key. According to the information provided by their friends, the idols do not want their relationship to become another extension of their career like “G-Dragon’s girlfriend makes a comeback” or vice versa, they do not want their relationship to interfere with their professional life.

In the past, BIG BANG’s idol. He explained that he will never make a relationship public , even if it is true, since he considers that he cannot do it without the consent of the girl. The rapper considers that he cannot be open in that regard if his partner does not want to. So far, both have been silent on the speculation without official confirmation.

The exclusive on their relationship was revealed by the outlet Dispatch, who shared various evidence of their relationship, G-Dragon and Jennie have been seeing each other for a year.


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