Jennie and G-Dragon don’t hide relationship


BLACKPINK’s Jennie and GDragon’s friends mention they didn’t hide their relationship.

After the big bomb they gave us yesterday about the new relationship within the kpop industry that is BLACKPINK’s Jennie and G-Dragon. Now, a little more of the situation between the two has been revealed.

Now, according to media reports, Jennie’s close friends and G-Dragon knew about their relationship. One of her friends confided to SPOTV News with the following statement.

Dispatch reveals that Bigbang’s GDragon and Blackpink’s Jennie are in a relationship
“The two didn’t really hide their relationship. They introduced themselves to their friends as boyfriend and girlfriend, and sometimes went out together. I think they just didn’t want to officially admit their relationship, given the current circumstances. “

Friend 1

“It will be difficult for them to go out in public. I don’t think either wants to be nicknamed someone’s boyfriend and someone’s girlfriend in his career. “

Friend 2

We know that this is not the first time that G-Dragon has heard news of dating with idols, but he has not always admitted the news.

G-Dragon once mentioned in an interview about making your relationship public and that is what he mentioned.

“It’s a personal preference, but I won’t admit it, unless my girlfriend wants to. I think I would suffer more damage because I am a high profile person. The public has a right to know, but I have no obligation to inform you ”

But now that they are both important people, it will happen. Will G-Dragon admit to his relationship with Jennie?


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