Jenna Ortega’s One-Page Book “Wednesday” Wins The Thinking Made Visible Contest From the New York Times


You may have come across a lot of dance sequences and cosplay on the internet since Jenna Ortega popularized the teenage version of Wednesday Addams. People have fallen in love with this deadly but charming interpretation of the iconic character created by American animator Charles Addams. Impressed by the reaction and feedback from viewers around the world about this horror comedy, they extended the series for another season. Although it’s stunning, the young actress has so charmed people that they can’t get rid of her even after a few months. Fans still continue to explore how this talented girl brought this character to the screen and how much she knows about him.

The New York Times recently announced the results of the Thinking Made Visible One Page Contest. For the uninitiated: last December, the publication called on teenagers from all over the world to take part in their competition. In this event, participants were asked to choose an article, video, podcast, graphic or photo report from the Times and make a one-page. So one of the teenagers who won the contest created a poster of the article “Jenna Ortega knows what Wednesday Addams wants.”

A young boy named Jaden Cadora, 16 years old, from Granite Hills High School, Alpine, California, demonstrated amazing skill. The photo on the website shows that he took a picture of the character splitting into two parts. On one side we saw the famous black pigtail that she always wears. And on the other hand, he drew a web window that fans could see in the series.

Moreover, the artist also added some personality traits of the actress and how she inspired him in many ways.

Jaden Cadora drew the life story of Jenna Ortega at the contest

Well, judging by the way this creator described Jenna Ortega on this poster, he is well versed in her problems. Cadora drew everything that a 20-year-old guy has been working on so far. From the Disneyland castle to the bleeding knife, from the cello to the red hand — he tells fans about everything in one simple glance.

As for the writing part, he called the Scream Queen an “inspiring figure” who has worked hard for many years to achieve what she has today. He said that the American actress proved her importance to people by playing this role in the Netflix drama.

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