Jenna Ortega Is a Fan of Oscar-Nominated Dubliner, Barry Hogan Ahead of Their Collaboration in The Weekend Movie


Rising star Jenna Ortega has made a big name for herself thanks to the series “Wednesday” on Netflix Original. After participating in the show, the actress began working with one of the prettiest musicians of The Weekend. Recently, a young actress spoke about the charm of Oscar-nominated actor Barry Keoghan.

Celebrities falling in love with each other is one of the funniest moments, and Jenna Ortega seems to be in love. Ortega recently met with Joe to talk about her horror movie “Scream VI.” During this, the actress talked about an unnamed project in which she will also participate. Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weekend, will star in the film under the direction of Trey Edward Schultz. Along with these two celebrities, Oscar nominee Barry Keoghan will also appear in the film.

The 20-year-old actress admired the Dubliner and expressed her excitement. “He was one of my favorites for a while,” Ortega said in a conversation with JOE’s Rory Cashin. She also admitted that it was a great honor for her to star in the film with Keoghan, because he had been his favorite for some time. The young actress said she liked the project in part because the name Keoghan was next to her. His extreme interest in the project made it even more interesting for her.

In addition, the Wednesday star has other interesting projects that her fans are waiting for.

Some of Jenna Ortega’s upcoming projects that her fans are waiting for

In addition to being the star of an Oscar-nominated movie, the American actress will also be part of “Beetlejuice 2.” Another film in which she starred is a love story called “Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn”. She is also set to appear with Martin Freeman in the films Finestkind and Miller’s Girl. Her fans would be thrilled to know that she will be returning to reprise her role in the Netflix original show in the upcoming season. She may also come back to you in her next season.

On the other hand, Keoghan is also ready to appear in the most famous Joker franchise. He will appear alongside Brendan Gleeson and Lady Gaga.

How do you feel about her film with Keoghan? Are you excited to see her with Keoghan and The Weekend? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comment box below.


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