Jenna Dewan’s Daughter Everly, 8, Follows in Her Dancing Footsteps: She’s “So Serious”


Like a mother like a daughter! Jenna Dewan’s 8-year-old daughter, Everly, is as much a dance queen as her mom.

Further, the author of “Gracefully You” said that the baby was inspired by river dancers, adding: “She said, “Oh, damn it, I want to do this.” And now she goes to Irish dance lessons. She takes it so seriously. She loves it. We’re in it to win it… in our own way. It’s very Evie. She wants to do things her own way. It’s so cool.”

The former World of Dance host, who broke up with Tatum, who is also 41, in 2018, is also the mother of son Callum, 2, with her fiance Steve Kazi.

The kid already has “a little swag [and] a little bounce,” just like his 46-year—old Tony Award-winning father, Devan told us on Wednesday.

“He already has a penchant for rhythm and music,” the Connecticut native explained. “So we’ll see. I try very hard not to impose [my interests] on my children, because I want them to find what they are interested in. But yes, they find it.”

The actress joined Come Dance With Me, mindful of her children, telling Us that she is “very happy” that Everly and Callum will be able to watch one of her projects.

“It really was the fastest ‘yes’ I’ve ever given,” the Rookie star explained. “I liked the idea of young stars inviting one of their parents to dance with them who had never danced before. … I was a young dancer who danced constantly, and my mother supported me and took me back and forth to dance lessons. And I just thought, “What would happen if I mixed it together?”

The former Flirty Dancing host, who loves her “house dance party,” noted that the show has “a lot of emotional connection” and “a lot of heart.”

The premiere of “Let’s Dance with Me” on CBS and Paramount+ on Friday, April 15, at 20:00 Korean time. ET.