Jeffrey Dean Morgan of “The Walking Dead” had a Nigan-approved reaction to joining the cast of “Boys” in season 4


Although “The Walking Dead” is wrapping up its eleventh season this year, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has yet to say goodbye to the character Negan, as the actor is currently still in zombie killing mode while filming the spin-off “Island of the Dead.” But since this is a project with a limited number of episodes, and nothing else is planned after airing in 2023, Morgan can now take on other projects that his schedule did not allow in past years. For example, the superhero satire “Boys”, in which he dreamed of appearing for a couple of years and voiced his commitment back in May. Now The Boys have announced that Morgan will finally be joining the star-studded cast of season 4, and his reaction to the news will be welcomed by Negan.

Immediately after the news broke that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would reunite with his former boss, the creator of “Supernatural” Eric Kripke, for the new hit The Boys, Morgan shared his response on Twitter:

BAA-DAMN-BUOOM!!! In season 4 of “Boys,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a recurring role

If anyone knows how to drop an F-bomb, it’s JDM, whose Negan voiced an infinite number of variations of the word “fuck” in the comics by Robert Kirman and Charlie Adlard. Even though Morgan didn’t manage to use NSFW dialogues nearly as much as the fans would have liked, I believe the monster turned soft would have approved of his Boys’ reaction. And, obviously, the thumb would be wrapped in barbed wire, and would also be the size of a baseball bat.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared a longer reaction in another tweet that contained a much less provocative four-letter word.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! Many thanks to @therealKripke and @AMCPlus and @TheBoysTV for finding a way with both schedules. Not an easy task. SO DAMN HAPPY!!

As noted in a tweet from The Boys’ Twitter, his casting news does not indicate who (or what, I think) he can play in season 4. although the first three seasons made it clear that Eric Kripke and Co have no problems creating completely new heroes, Vought employees and much more. One thing is for sure: Morgan will not be underestimated, no matter what he plays. (My not-so-secret hope is that he will get a musical number with Karen Fukuhara.)

It would be wild if Jeffrey Dean Morgan not only appeared in The Boys, but also somehow reprised his role as John Winchester in the upcoming spin-off of the CW prequel Supernatural, The Winchesters. It’s not said that this is happening or anything like that, but a new job with Kripke, who worked with Jensen Ackles again in the third season of “Boys”, may inspire him to return to that world, and I can’t imagine that the creative team will resist. when writing a flash forward.

The Boys are currently filming, and Eric Kripke and some of the stars are sharing posts on social media to mark the occasion. Amazon Prime subscribers can prepare to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in this world at some point in 2023, and in the meantime, they can watch the TV premiere schedule for 2022 to find out when Negan will return in the last eight episodes of The Walking Dead.


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