Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins season 4 of “Boys”


A new character joins The Boys. While it is not yet known whether he will be a hero or a villain (or as close to a hero as possible in the series), Jeffrey Dean Morgan got a role in season 4 of the Amazon Prime Video show.

The Boys have recently officially started filming season 4 of the popular superhero satire. The show concluded its third season back in July with an explosive finale in which the series established a new status quo in which Annie January got rid of her superhero “Starlight” persona and joined the Boys as a permanent member, while the Boys’ leader, Butcher, found himself dying after he made extensive use of the temporary V connection, and the Homelander discovers that crowds are still lining up to cheer for him, even when he was revealed as the killer in the midst of a protest.

It was previously announced that two new superheroes will be added to the show, and Cameron Corvetti will become a regular series. Now the casting for season 4 continues, and Morgan plays a mysterious role, which the producers decided to keep secret for now. Morgan’s casting represents a kind of supernatural reunion. The creator of “Supernatural” Eric Kripke is also the showrunner of “Boys”. Meanwhile, Morgan portrayed the patriarch of Winchester, John Winchester. Previously, the star of “Supernatural” Jensen Ackles joined the series in the role of the villainous boy soldier. Perhaps the father and son duo will reunite on screen in “The Boys,” given that the Ackles Soldier is likely to return.

Morgan is a prolific actor, and his history with Kripke shows that the role is a decent size. While it’s possible, of course, that the role is small, it’s likely that the production wouldn’t have decided to keep it a secret if it hadn’t given readers of the original comic a hint of the size of Morgan’s involvement. . Kripke’s previous work with Morgan probably already demonstrated Morgan’s abilities as an actor to the showrunner of The Boys.

Given that the 4th season of “Boys” promises to be intense, and that the show seems to be approaching the final confrontation between the Butcher and the Homelander, Morgan is likely to play a key role in the future of the show. Given that The Boys: Diabolical has recently been released, and a spin-off about college will soon appear, perhaps Morgan can even be seen in other productions of the franchise.

Seasons 1-3 of “Boys” are now available on Amazon Prime Video.


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