Jeff Probst from Survivor responded after a new song by Billy Eilish has references to a long-running series of reality shows


Billie Eilish has seven Grammy Awards and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “No Time to Die,” but does the famous singer also want the title of “Sole Survivor”? Do you know the CBS contest where contestants find themselves stranded on a desert island for weeks on end, fighting for $1 million? It would seem that this is the case if we proceed from Eilish’s reference to a protracted reality show in her new song. Well, Survivor executive producer and host Jeff Probst responded to the nod with a nod of his own.

Billie Eilish released her second EP “Guitar Songs” at the end of July, and it had a track with the aptly named “TV”. For the most part, a 20-year—old girl sings about love, denial and loneliness – as usual. But she also used two cheeky Survivor metaphors, saying, “I wear Survivor just to watch someone suffer” and “Drown in the couch while they all betray each other.” Jeff Probst reacted to the name rejection via an Instagram post, which he signed with one of his many iconic lines from the show. He joked that “there’s nothing easy about Survivor,” but it’s “easy to fall in love” with Billy’s new bop.

Thus, the headliner of Coachella 2022 Survivor connect is on lock and key — if she really dreams of playing the game “outsmart, outplay, survive”, like the rest of the fans. Technically there hasn’t been a celebrity-themed season, unlike its sister show Celebrity Big Brother, but we’ve actually seen one or two famous faces in the show’s 20-plus years of history.

Namely, there were quite a few prominent sports figures, such as former NFL coach Jimmie Johnson, Scott Pollard of the NBA and former NFL player Brad Culpepper. For Movie/TV celebrities Mike White from the School of Rock Fame/the creator of the HBO series “White Lotus” played all 39 days of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” and almost won. (It’s okay that he didn’t, because he later had to hand over his creative talents to Jeff Probst when they were mulling over ideas for season 41.) In addition, Billie Eilish’s musical contemporary, Sia, also often attends the show, but as a laureate. instead of the player.

However, in truth, Jeff Probst’s followers were equally excited about something other than Billie Eilish’s open fandom in the comments. Many were actually in complete shock that it looked like Probst was using BeReal, a new social media app that positions itself as “anti-Instagram” to highlight the point. (It’s like a kind of impromptu game in which the app randomly warns you to take a snapshot of the current “real” situation in less than two minutes). me on BeReal” and “add Billy Eilish to the cast next year.”

The Ocean Eyes singer appearing on Survivor would certainly be a real sight. She’s right that there are a lot of stabs in the back in a game that has been going on for 26 days. And with new twists in seasons 41 and 42 creating a “spiral of chaos,” as one former contestant put it, the question arises how Billie Eilish would have coped with such a scenario. As fans know, winning requires a certain social sophistication or, in other words, caring about what others think of you. Since Eilish is known to have some over-the-top answers to things, I believe she will either be eliminated on the first day or will make it to the end.

Despite this, the star won’t be able to get a chance to play, even if she wanted to, for some time, since Survivor 43 and 44 were filmed one after the other earlier this year. What we know at the moment is that Jeff Probst says that only some new twists will return in the upcoming seasons. (Hopefully not the hourglass, which some consider the worst twist in the show’s history.) Fans, who apparently include Billy Eilish, will be able to watch the new season when it premieres on CBS on September 21. TV program for 2022.

I’m just saying, Billy, I’d also like to see them suffer and betray each other while sitting on my couch…


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