Jeff Bezos would be interested in buying CNN


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would be thinking of making a proposal to buy CNN, increasing his investments in the communication area, according to the FOX Business website, in an article published on Wednesday (28).

According to the vehicle, the rumors involving Bezos and the purchase of CNN would have arisen through investment bankers, after rumors of a possible sale of the news channel by the current parent company, which supposedly thinks about reorganizing its operations.

These speculations suggest that AT&T would be interested in divesting some of its properties, including the broadcaster, after acquiring Time Warner in 2018, for $ 85 billion. The deal would have left the company with debt estimated at $ 30 billion.

However, the publication also claims that sources close to the world’s richest man have already minimized any chance of making the investment at the moment. In addition, there is no confirmation that the channel actually went on sale, even with some indications pointing to a possibility that something like this might happen soon.

Bezos businesses in the communication area

If Jeff Bezos’ purchase of CNN happens, which seems unlikely at the moment, it will not be the billionaire’s first business in the news business. In 2013, he paid $ 250 million to acquire The Washington Post, the most widely circulated newspaper in the United States capital.

After the acquisition, the traditional publication, founded in 1877, underwent some changes, including the launch of a new model of digital subscriptions, which helped to increase the number of paid users by 145%.

If he is really interested in the acquisition of the news network, he should have competition from ViacomCBS and Comcast, conglomerates that would also be looking at a possible sale of CNN.

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