Jeff Bezos: Things will get worse!


While the Corona virus epidemic has spread throughout the world, causing an economic crisis, news came from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. In a note published on Saturday, CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, while summarizing the steps he took to keep his staff safe, on the other hand, he encouraged his staff to consider working as an example of those laid off during the pandemic.

Bezos: The world feels the economic impact of the crisis
Bezos shared the letter with his employees on his personal Instagram profile on Saturday. Bezos said, “People all over the world feel the economic effects of the crisis. So I guess things will get worse before they get better. I’m sorry to say that. ” said.

The state of Washington, which also has the warehouse of Amazon, was severely affected by the virus. With 83 reported deaths, it has the highest Corona virus mortality rate after New York and California. Amazon closed a warehouse in New York after a worker was positively tested for COVID-19.

Face masks are inadequate
Bezos, in his note, stated that he has increased the cleaning work for his company and has implemented social distance measures. The company is also trying to buy face masks for its staff who cannot work from home. Bezos says that Amazon has made millions of orders regarding this issue. Unfortunately, masks remain unsatisfactory because governments are directing masks to the most needed facilities, such as hospitals.

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