Jeff Bezos Tan reacted to Queen Elizabeth’s insult


Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, received a sharp response to an activist who criticized the health of Queen Elizabeth. Bezos shared the woman’s tweet and sharply criticized it.

One of the biggest global news of the day was the deterioration of the health of Queen Elizabeth II of England. During the day, messages were posted on social networks about the condition of the queen, who, as it was announced, died in the evening. The news that shocked the world came at night. Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96.

The Queen’s death, on the other hand, naturally became the number one headline on social media. Some reports have been made against Queen Elizabeth. One of these actions came from an African-American linguist and activist Uju Ani. Anya, who talked about the queen, even provoked a reaction from Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon.

“Is this the person who will make the world a better place?”

In addition to this message, Anya added: “If anyone expects anything other than my contempt for the ruler who led the government that killed and displaced half of my family, and led the government that supported the genocide that the living are still trying to overcome today, they can continue to wish from the stars.” he decided. The Queen was still alive when the tweets were published.

Jeff Bezos, who shared the message on his Twitter account, quoting the first tweet, said: “Is this someone who is supposedly trying to make the world a better place? I do not think so. Wow.” they used phrases. Bezos’ reaction has been posted tens of thousands of times. Under the post, as is customary on Twitter, people almost got into each other from mutual views. While some people supported Bezos, others criticized Bezos as the greatest representative of imperialism.

The tweet has been deleted from Twitter:

While Anya’s tweet caused huge controversy, Twitter management deleted Anya’s tweet for violating their policy. Because in its policy, Twitter under the heading “Security and Cybercrime” clearly states the following:

“We do not accept content that expresses wishes, hopes, encouragement, provocation or wishes for death, serious bodily injury or serious illness for an individual or a group of people. This includes, but is not limited to:

Hoping that a person will die from a serious illness, for example: “I hope you get cancer and die.”

Wishes for a person to get into a serious accident, for example: “If you open your mouth again, I hope you will get hit by a car.”

To say that a group of people deserves serious bodily harm, for example: “This group of protesters deserves to be shot if they don’t shut up.”


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