Jeff Bezos: returning to being the richest man in the world


Last Tuesday (16), US billionaire Jeff Bezos surpassed his rival Elon Musk in the ranking of the richest people in the world and resumed the leadership of the list, according to the Forbes real-time ranking.

The dispute for the title of richest in the world has become fierce in recent months, as the fortunes of the two billionaires are getting closer and closer. The South African Tesla owner overtook Bill Gates in November last year and since then has seen his wealth grow even more, until he overtook Jeff Bezos last month.

Now, the current CEO of Amazon has just claimed the post of richest in the world, which he held since 2017, after Musk’s fortune “shrunk” a little. The justification for this is the shares of Tesla – one of Elon’s main sources of income – which fell about 2.4% last Tuesday and caused the businessman to lose $ 3.9 billion in wealth. Now, each slice of the company is worth about $ 796.22.

In August last year, Jeff Bezos became the first person in the world to achieve a fortune of $ 200 billion. Since then, he remained well in his post until he was temporarily overtaken by his rival last month.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are competitors in the space exploration industry. While the South African is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, the owner of Amazon also runs Blue Origin, a company that developed a prototype lunar module for NASA’s Artemis program.

Remember that in early February, Bezos announced his departure from Amazon and will no longer be the company’s CEO. He will hand over the position to Andy Jassy, ​​while focusing his attention on his other projects, such as Blue Origin itself, as well as its foundations, the Bezos Earth Fund and the Amazon Day 1 Fund and in its periodical, The Washington Post.