Jeff Bezos Goes Into Space on Blue Origin’s 1st Manned Flight


Jeff Bezos: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced this Monday (7) that he will be one of the passengers in the first manned space launch of Blue Origin, his space flight company. The billionaire revealed on his Instagram that his brother Mark will also participate in the tour. The two are expected to accompany the winner of the online auction of a seat, which is already worth US$2.8 million (about R$14.8 million, in the current conversion).

“Since I was five years old, I’ve always dreamed of traveling to space. On July 20, I’ll take this trip with my brother. The biggest adventure, with my best friend,” he says in the post.

The tour will take place on July 20, with the New Shepard rocket and will be the company’s first with people on board. The crew will go to the edge of space, where they will be able to have a privileged view of planet Earth. After a few minutes, they will return by parachute to Texas, near the New Shepard launch site.

virtual auction

The auction will have three phases. The first, which ended on May 19, consisted of “closed” bids. In other words, interested parties could suggest values ​​that were not visible to other participants. In the second stage, all bids are visible and participants must surpass the highest value to continue in the dispute. So far, the seat is worth $2.8 million. In the third and final phase, on June 12, the auction will be held live.

The company says the money will be donated to the Club for the Future foundation, which encourages children and teenagers to pursue careers in math, science, technology and engineering.


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