Jeff Bezos Earns $ 24 Billion More


While the total number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. exceeds 600,000, people no longer go out unless they have to. This means that many people are now shopping online.

More people shopping online helped names like Jeff Bezos. According to Bloomberg’s data, Jeff Bezos continues to grow his wealth in quarantine days.

Growing More and More
The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, recently added wealth to his fortune. When the shares of Amazon gained more than 5% in one day, Bezos’ fortune also increased.

Jeff Bezos currently holds 11% of Amazon shares. According to the BBC’s report, Bezos’ wealth increased by $ 24 billion after Amazon shares gained value. Thus, the total wealth of Bezos reached up to $ 138 billion.

Not Just Bezos
According to Bloomberg’s index, the 500 richest people in the world have lost more than $ 500 billion so far this year. The fortunes of these names have been largely reduced by the Coronavirus. But there are some names that they added wealth to their fortunes on quarantine days.

In addition to Jeff Bezos, the wealth of the famous Waltons family is growing rapidly. The wealth of the Waltons family, the owner of Walmart, has increased by 5% this year and has reached $ 169 billion. This means that the Waltons family is the richest family in the world today.

Meanwhile, the founders of companies like Zoom have also made substantial gains. The fortune of Eric, the founder of Zoom, doubled this year and reached up to $ 7 billion.


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