Jeff Bezos Announces They Will Hire 100 Thousand Workers Who Lost Their Jobs


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that they are aiming to hire 100,000 of bar and restoren workers who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak. Bezos said these workers can work on Amazon until they get their jobs back.

After emerging in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, the world economy is also having a hard time due to the new deadly coronavirus (COVID-19), which has spread all over the world and has killed 13,598 people so far. The entertainment industry, in particular, came to the point of collapse due to people’s homes, while an important statement came from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Bezos, who shared a personal Instagram account, stated that businesses like restaurants and bars had to close due to the epidemic, hoping that people from their jobs would be able to work on Amazon until they returned to work. He noted that all his personal time and thought were focused on COVID-19 and how Amazon can play his role here best, while Amazon will continue to look for new possibilities for help. Bezos added that they are considering hiring 100,000 people from restoren and bar workers who lost their jobs in this context.

Amazon says we’re taking action but workers disagree
Since the coronavirus epidemic began to spread in the USA, the demand for basic household needs and essential goods has increased considerably. On top of that, Amazon is changing logistics, shipping, supply chain, purchasing and third party vendor processes to prioritize storage and delivery of essential materials.

Amazon has also announced that millions of masks will be distributed and social distance rules will be applied to ensure the safety of its workers. It was announced that workers working at the company’s supply centers in the U.S. will be paid an extra $ 2 per hour by the end of April. Amazon normally pays $ 15 an hour for workers entering the company’s supply centers as their first job. It is stated that the company will pay over $ 2 to its workers in the UK and the European Union.

However, the company’s policies towards workers are criticizing. Four US senators, including Bernie Sanders, wrote a letter to Jeff Bezos, criticizing the coronavirus measures for the company’s employees and argued that paid sick leave and risk premium should be given. On March 9, Amazon logistics workers had prepared a list of requests requesting various preventive measures, including paid leave.


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