Jedi: Survivor can Repeat the Brilliant Qi’ra Trick from the Star Wars Comics


With the upcoming Jedi: Survivor in about a year’s time, there are several theories about who Cal Kestis might face in the adventure, including the new figurehead of Crimson Dawn, Ki’ru. The teaser trailer reveals that Jedi: Survivor will have a darker tone as the Mantis team split up, leaving Kestis and BD-1 to travel on their own and face new challenges. Hints of an opponent with a red lightsaber and an imperial senator Pau’an indicate that Cal Kestis is still being hunted. Along with the mysterious man in the tank with bacta, Kestis can find an unexpected ally in the person of Ki’ra, who at that time leads the Crimson Dawn.

Ki’ra is a cunning person who was informed by Mol about the Sith lords who control everything— Darth Sidious and Darth Vader—shortly after she killed the former figurehead of the Crimson Dawn. Han Solo’s former love interest, Kira was trained by Maul to fight the Sith after Solo’s timeline. “Jedi Survivor” can reveal Kira’s actions with “Crimson Dawn” before her encounter with Boba Fett, which takes place between the events of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”. The actions of the criminal leader before Maul’s death may shed light on Kira’s plan to eliminate Darth Sidious and his disciple.

During the time of Jedi: Survivor, Kira is supposedly working with Maul, who plans to bring Crimson Dawn to power and eventually destroy the Empire’s two most powerful leaders. When Cal Kestis runs away from an attacker with a lightsaber, he may encounter Ki’roi and Crimson Dawn, asking for their help in getting rid of the pursuer. This theory could also create one final event in which a former Sith lord Maul appears, who can learn more about the character in a tank of bacta, or possibly fight a young Jedi. The two leaders of the Crimson Dawn can also use Kestis to harm the Empire as the spark of rebellion begins to rise across the galaxy.

How Ki’ra and Crimson Dawn Can Appear in Jedi: Survivor

The plot of the comic book “War of the Bounty Hunters” illustrates the return of Ki’ra to the galactic arena as the leader of the Crimson Dawn syndicate, continuing Maul’s plans to destroy the Sith lords. In them, she reveals that she still maintains a strong bond with Han Solo and sympathizes with the Rebel Alliance, but she won’t just do something kind. She shows this empathy by telling Leia Organa Khan’s childhood story and informing her that the infamous smuggler still lives as a decoration on Jabba the Hutt’s wall. There is a possibility that she could repeat the same plot move with Cal Kestis and the Mantis team if it turns out that his friends died or went missing during the game.

In truth, Ki’ra can become an ally or even a villain in the history of Jedi: Survivor in various ways. Combined with Maul, these two could provide more branched storylines in the Star Wars universe, which would make the return of the Crimson Dawn even stronger. In addition to Kira’s potential cameo, characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi could contact Cal Kestis through a Path that could be used as an alternative way to escape from a dangerous pursuer. “Jedi Survivor” is due out in 2023, and the expectation of cameos like Ki’ra or brand new characters makes fans look forward to the next step in Cal Kestis’ journey as a Jedi.


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