Jeans designed for Galaxy Z Flip 3! Here is the price


Samsung has announced that it has designed a pair of jeans for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone model. Here are the trousers with pockets suitable for the model…


Jeans were designed for Samsung’s foldable phone model Galaxy Z Flip 3. The new smartphone model introduced by Samsung at the event held on August 11 met with great interest globally. So much so that on October 20, the technology company also announced the ‘Bespoke Edition’ version of this model.

The most important feature of the Bespoke Edition, which is not different from the original version in terms of technical features, is on the design side. Because it offers buyers 49 different combinations, such as choosing the color and material for the back cover of the phone, adding engravings and choosing the color for the bezel.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with jeans!

Returning to the main topic, Samsung made an interesting statement. The South Korean-based tech giant has partnered with fashion brand Dr Denim. Two companies designed a custom pair of jeans. The highlight of these pants is the pocket designed for the new Galaxy phone.

Jeans with Galaxy Z Flip 3 pockets look quite interesting. So, what is this Flip 3 pocket? We’re talking about the small pocket you see on the front of the trousers. By the way, other pockets in the pants are not used. Because the other pockets are either sewn on or removed. In addition, the letter ‘Z’ representing the smartphone on the trousers draws attention.

There are only 450 of these trousers in the collection named ‘Z Flip Pocket Denim’. Its price is $1,499. If you say “you can’t pay that much for a pair of pants”, it would be useful to add that it will come with the smartphone in question. The size of the pocket of the trousers is already designed in accordance with the foldable smartphone model.

Sold with jeans, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone is available in cream, black, green and lavender color options. It should also be noted that the device comes with 128 GB of storage. The Australian-based fashion brand only offers the option to choose the size of the pants and the color of the phone.

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