Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Expecting Their 1st Child Together


Jeezy and Jeannie Mai expecting their 1st child together.  Heartwarming news from Jeannie Mai! The US presenter and rapper Jeezy said yes in April of this year. What many did not know – shortly after her dream wedding, the beauty suffered a miscarriage. She spoke openly about this tragic loss for the first time in an interview. At the same time, she shared the good news: Jeannie is pregnant again!

The mother-to-be told this on her own talk show The Real. “I can finally say that our family is growing. It was very difficult to keep it all a secret,” explained Jeannie, adding: “Jeezy and I have now kept it to ourselves for five months. We are relieved to have the news, at last, to be able to share “, it continued. She honestly admitted that she never really wanted to have children. But the love for Jeezy changed her mind.

When Jeannie then had the miscarriage, she looked back on her old attitude towards offspring: “I wondered if this was a punishment for it her emotional world at that time. But now the TV fame and Jeezy are all the more looking forward to their little miracle.


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