Jean Grey has no reason to be a member of the X-Men anymore


Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Men #12.

One of the most influential members of the X-Men, Jean Grey, has officially lost all reason to be part of the team. After her last battle, Jean was able to achieve a seemingly impossible goal that prompted her to stay in the X-Men, which means she can now move on.

As a Marvel Girl, Jean Grey is one of the founders of the X-Men. Initially a shy young girl, she became one of the most reliable members of the team throughout her many incarnations and a powerful mutant in her own right until the day when the Phoenix Force chose Jin as its master and her life completely changed. Phoenix is the primordial force of cosmic destruction, absorbing entire planets and star systems, representing a cycle of death and renewal. Phoenix used the Genie to take shape and destroyed the planet D’bari IV, killing five billion of its inhabitants. Despite the fact that Phoenix put her in stasis during the rampage, Jin still feels responsible for all the deaths caused by the cosmic force, perhaps because of the complicated relationship that binds them. During the Hellfire Gala, when she was elected a member of the new X-Men team, Jean said she wanted to be with the team until she saved as many lives as Phoenix demanded. At the time, this statement might have seemed absurd, but Jean managed to implement it.

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In X-Men #12, Jerry Duggan, Pepe Larraza, and Marta Gracia, Jean, along with Wolverine, Polaris, and Rogue, attacks Gameworld, a space casino run by a hideous Mojo replacement, the sentient fungus Cordyceps Jones. Gameworld started betting on who or what could destroy the Earth, which happened as a result of the colonization of Mars by mutants. After several attacks by extraterrestrial threats, the X-Men decided to put an end to this. Jean and the other girls defeated Cordyceps Jones, saving not only the Earth, but also many other planets that were supposed to be destroyed as a result of Gameworld betting. As Rogue points out, Jean has just saved trillions of people, which means she has finally fulfilled her decision.

Phoenix was used to make Jin, a relatively uninteresting character, relevant, but the story was so well received that it has since defined her character, for good or bad. Figuratively speaking, Jean’s desire to atone for the death caused by the Phoenix represents the evolution of a character who does not want to be defined by a single event. The creative teams that created the latest reboot of “X-Men” have done a great job. After her last resurrection, Jean gave up the Phoenix once and for all. After arriving on Krakoa, Jean, having regained her old nickname “Marvel Girl”, really began to shine, despite (or because of) the absence of any ties with Phoenix (who chose a new host, the Avenger Maya Lopez). In this sense, freeing Gameworld and saving more lives than Phoenix is a cathartic moment for Jean, symbolizing that she has finally come to terms with her past.

Jean Grey made a very bold statement when she joined the X-Men: saving billions of lives is not easy, even for a great hero and one of the most powerful mutants in the universe. However, she succeeded. A certain amount of guilt for all the lives taken by Phoenix will probably always accompany the Marvel girl, but she can finally move forward. However, Marvel teased that Jin might soon have to reconcile with Phoenix again when the Eternals invade Krakoa to destroy all mutants. It remains to be seen whether Jean Grey will really leave the X-Men or stay on the team and continue to be the hero she always deserved.