Jean-Claude Van Damme’s the day Netflix predicted!


Avant-garde, Jean-Claude Van Damme would have predicted the arrival of Netflix 20 years ago! We’ll give you more details.

20 years ago, Jean-Claude Van Damme predicted the arrival of Netflix!

Jean-Claude Van Damme, king of the shocking phrase and the split, had moments of glory. But also others less glorious.

Often mocked, never equaled, the actor makes us see all the colors. Its philosophical phases often make us laugh.

“I am fascinated by the air. If we took the air out of the sky, all the birds would fall to the ground … “he said, for example. “At the same time you can’t touch the air, it exists and it doesn’t. »He specifies.

Wacky or a real genius misunderstood? Difficult to say but Jean-Claude Van Damme will forever remain a complete mystery!

But before becoming a real concept, Jean Claude Van Damme was a great actor. But it has struggled to renew itself since the 2000s.


If Netflix did not set out to conquer the world until 2010, the concept flourished in the mind of Jean Claude Van Damme much earlier. Indeed, archival images dating from 2001 prove it.

Invited on the set of Tout le monde en parle, the Belgian describes the future of cinema. The actor then talks about the Internet.

According to him, quality films will be able to be diffused thanks to the broadband. Like Netflix, right?

He also talks about the possibility of reaching 250 million people around the world and that money will pay for this service. We’re talking about Netflix again, right?

The Belgian goes even further. He says the movies will be able to be downloaded and watched before the download is complete. Wait, there we are talking squarely about the upcoming update of Netflix!

And finally, he adds that we can even watch feature films on our phones. Impressive!

We therefore have 2 explanations: either Jean Claude Van Damme is the secret inventor of Netflix. Either the firm was inspired by its “delusional” idea for the time!


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