JC Chávez didn’t want a “too complicated competitor”


What Julio César Chávez already saw coming was consummated: the defeat of his son in the “Junior” fight against Mario Cázares.

This Friday the benefit function was carried out in which the Great Mexican Champion was “even with the bucket” with the “Naughty” Arce, same where the fight between his son and Mario Cázares, a rival that was never approved by the all for Chávez Sr., due to the risk he represented for his offspring.

“Julio comes from a broken nose and I did not want such a complicated rival,” he agreed a few days ago in an interview for ESPN.


And how right was he … Although the fight had its dose of controversy, because it was stopped after a cut on the eyelid of “Junior”, the son of the legend lost due to a unanimous decision by the judges in the technical decision.

It should be remembered that Mario Cázares, 30, is a fighter who remains undefeated, with a record of 13 wins and 5 by chloroform. In his amateur stage, he even defeated “Canelo” Álvarez in a national Olympiad.

“I have an advantage in height, in physical and mental conditioning. Chávez was wrong to choose me, ”Cázares said in a pre-fight conference. In that he agreed with the Caesar of Boxing and in the end, time proved them both right.


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