JBS Suffers Cyber Attack and Suspends Activities in The US and Australia


JBS: The food company JBS, which is based in Brazil, was the target of a large-scale cyber attack in recent days.

Largest meat supplier in the world, the company was even forced to suspend the operations of divisions in Australia and the United States until the normalization of processes.

As a result of the invasion, infrastructure and internet services were brought down to prevent the coup from spreading. So far, there is no indication of what happened, but suspicions fall on a ransomware attack — which is increasingly frequent in large corporations and even government systems.

And now?

JBS claims that backup systems were not affected and that customer, supplier and employee data was not compromised. The brand is already investigating what happened and alerted authorities as soon as the flaw was identified.

According to the Beef Central website, all activities in Australia were halted last Monday (31), with a partial reduction in operations in the US and Canada — since the chain of activities is hampered with suspensions in one of the stages of the process.

Activities in South America were not harmed and proceeded normally, but the affected operations do not yet have a deadline to return to normal.


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