JBL introduced new headphone models!


Making a name for itself at the point of headphones, JBL introduced new headphone models before CES 2021. In addition to the noise canceling in-ear headphones, it introduced on-ear headphones with different designs and features. JBL stands out with its new headphones, here are the features and prices of the headphones:

JBL takes the stage with new headphones

In-ear headphones called JBL Live Pro Plus and JBL Live Free NC Plus support TWS and Qi charging. While both headset models offer 7 hours of use after fully charged, they offer 21 hours and 14 hours of use, respectively, together with the charging cases. While the Live Pro Plus model is protected against water with IPX4 certification, the Live Free NC Plus model has IPX7 certification. Coming with a classic and stylish design, these Live designated headphones are on sale on March 14th.

Another headphone series of JBL is “Tour”. The headset series developed specifically for business professionals includes an on-ear and an in-ear headset. These two models have managed to receive the best innovation award at CES 2021. There are two headset models in the series. JBL Tour ONE can be listed as on-ear noise canceling headphones and JBL Tour Pro Plus TWS, that is, true wireless in-ear headphones.

In addition to the adaptive noise canceling feature, both models feature JBL’s improved sound, Adaptive Ambient Aware and TalkThru technology. The designs of the devices that can interact with the voice assistants of Alexa and Google are also very compact and stylish.

JBL Tour ONE offers users real-time noise cancellation and allows tuning with adaptive sound. Thanks to a special button placed on the headset, users can distance themselves from external sounds. Featuring 40 mm dynamic drives, the headset offers 50 hours of total music playback time only when Bluetooth is turned on.

The headset can be used for 25 hours with noise canceling and Bluetooth on, supports fast charging and offers 2 hours of play time with a 10-minute charge. The headset, which uses 4 different microphone technologies, is charged with USB-C and can be customized.

JBL Tour Pro Plus features

Although JBL Tour Pro Plus is similar to Samsung’s Buds series in design, it is built on a different structure. Featuring adaptive noise canceling technology like the other model, the headset enables to turn off the background sound by shutting down external sounds.

Designed in wireless form, the headset offers fast pairing. The headset, which has 6.8 mm dynamic sound drivers, provides over 30 hours of total music playback. The headset, which offers 6 hours of use when active noise cancellation is turned on and 8 hours with Bluetooth only, supports fast charging like the previous model. The headset offers 1 hour of playback with a 10-minute charge. The headset, which comes with IPX4 certification, has 3 microphones.

The Tour series will go on sale on May 30, 2021 and the JBL Tour ONE will be offered with a price tag of $ 300 and the JBL Tour Pro Plus model for $ 200.


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