JBL: Harman Starts Production of PartyBox 100 in Brazil


JBL: This Tuesday (21), Harman announced that it will start production of the PartyBox 100 model, by JBL, in Brazil. Previously, the manufacture of the speaker for parties was exclusive to China and, now, it will debut in the Brazilian industry. More specifically, the units will be aimed at domestic consumption and produced at the company’s facilities in Manaus, capital of Amazonas.

Rodrigo Rihl Kniest, who is president of Harman do Brasil and senior vice president of the company’s operations in Latin America, commented on the decision: “The choice for the Manaus unit involves the high level of quality observed in the processes of the local team, as well as for tax incentives for being in the Industrial Pole of the capital of Amazonas,” he says. “In this way, the product will gain in competitiveness in the national market,” he concludes.

The aforementioned factory received from Harman the new technologies and equipment necessary for the production of the PartyBox 100. In addition, 30 new employees were hired in order to double the company’s performance in meeting the demands in Brazil.

Harman’s forecast is to produce, still this year, all the national demand for PartyBox 100. The company also foresees the expansion of the factory’s production capacity, enabling the production of other models still in 2022 — such as the PartyBox 110, for example.


JBL PartyBox 100 can be found directly at the company’s official store for R$2,599. The product is sold with free shipping on the manufacturer’s platform.


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