JB to Exhibit Artworks ONLY at the Exhibition


JB will start a new path in art, as his paintings will be exhibited in a gallery in the city of Seoul in South Korea, the GOT7 member shared the first promotional poster of the exhibition ‘ALONE’.

K-pop idols have different talents that they exploit in their spare time, in the case of JB his two great loves are linked to art, on the one hand, there is music and on the other there is painting.

The idol of the company JYP Entertainment has a highly developed sensitivity for art and on different occasions has gifted AHGASE solo tracks, in which he expresses his deepest feelings and his personality as an artist.

Today, October 30, the fans of the ‘NOT BY THE MOON’ interpreter woke up with an incredible announcement, as JB shared the official poster of his first exhibition in a gallery in the city of Seoul in South Korea.


JB’s first art show open to the public is called ‘ALONE’ and will be held from October 6 to 12 in Seongdong, Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The one at the event is minimalist, in three shades, black, gray and white.

The idol will occupy the name Def, under which his works of art are signed and he has also used it to register other of his creations as solo songs. What do you think of Jaebeom’s new project?

JB has already shown his work as a painter on his digital platforms, but he had never taken the step of presenting his artistic vision through paintings in a gallery, this is a great step in the dancer’s career.

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Internet users are celebrating the news of this event with the hashtag #Def_First_Exhibition, which is already a trend due to the thousands of messages of support and love published on different social networks.

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