JB has a lovely conversation with his cat


JB showed his love and bond with his cats as the GOT7 member interacted with his fans on a live broadcast. GOT7’s Jaebeom is a very creative musician, who always stays inspired and working on tracks with interesting proposals and sounds for all his fans, the JYP Entertainment idol talked a bit with AHGASE through a live on VLive.

It is not a secret that JB adores animals, he lives with Nora, Kunta, Odd, Baireu and Cake, his cats, who have always supported him in his most difficult moments and reflect how happy they are with the idol, because they are very naughty.

JB believes that all his kittens are special, he has even said that everyone’s meows are different and that is how he recognizes them. Fans who were on the live broadcast noted that the GOT7 member has an incredible connection with his pets.

The interpreter of the song ‘Not By The Moon’ had a small talk with one of his cats, in the audio you can see how the animal meows and the artist answers, the kitten seems to have responded. Owwww.

The moment between JB and his kitten filled with joy the hearts of AHGASE, who on social networks shared their opinions about the bond of love that exists between Jaebeom and all his pets.

JB managed to gather more than 200 thousand people in his transmitter on the Weverse platform, the idol received more than 5 million likes and Internet users expressed their love in the comment box.

Listen to the audio of JB and his cat below:

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