Jazz (JLC Family) is having a blast with his son Cayden!


Jazz has surely cracked its subscribers! On Snapchat, the influencer immortalized herself in the middle of a toboggan session with her son Cayden.

Every day, Jazz feeds all of its social networks to the delight of its fans. On Snapchat, she immortalized herself with her son Cayden playing in a gigantic slide.

To date, Jazz is one of the most popular influencers on the Internet! Unmissable star of reality TV, his daily life fascinates his admirers. And his detractors are never far to tackle the young woman.

Many Internet users are also following the influencer on all her social networks! Jazz likes to feed his Instagram feed as much as his Snapchat account.

Last I heard, all is well for her! She continues to partner with many brands.

The biggest labels have therefore understood that his name and his image sell. Along with all this, the influencer also manages – on a daily basis – the education of her two children: Chelsea and Cayden.

Like a real mother hen, Laurent’s partner loves doing multiple activities with them! Recently on Snapchat, Eva Queen’s sister immortalized herself with her youngest son in their playroom!

You will see, the sequences are worth the detour. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Jazz’s son was having a blast on his gigantic slide! Very proud of his prowess, the pretty brunette did not fail to immortalize the latter on the Web.

” He is incredible ! He can climb the slide upside down, “said Chelsea’s mother. Before adding: “I swear to you, he’s a stuntman.”

Amused, Jazzy ended up joining Cayden to get them both to slide down the slide. Hilarious, the young woman obviously had fun like crazy. There is no doubt that the adorable sequence also pleased his followers!


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