Jazz Correia unable to understand her darling Laurent!


It’s a big day for Jazz Correia (JLC Family) sweetheart! Indeed, it is today that he decided to go buy the PS5. A craze that the young woman has difficulty understanding.

“Well apparently today is an almost sacred day for the boys.” So these are the first words with which Jazz Correia begins its Snapchat Story. She and Laurent got up at 9 am to go buy the new PlayStation!

An incomprehensible investment but which therefore does not seem to displease the reality TV candidate who exclaims: “The women have won, they are all going to put it on the back burner and not go out for at least 1 month”.

However, Jazz Correia did not expect such enthusiasm from her darling. In the car, the young man complained that his baby was not fastened with the seat belt: “You’re kidding! It’s like I’m telling you don’t tie Chelsea up. ” This is obviously a comparison to be taken lightly!


Speaking of children, the JLC Family might just get bigger! So, on Sunday November 15, 2020, Jazz Correia once again mentioned his desires to adopt a child. She then launched an appeal to her subscribers.

“I don’t know if there are certain people who follow me or have knowledge, whatever… I’m looking to be able to join organizations, things like that to be able to adopt a child. I don’t know where or in what country, I have no idea. I really try to educate myself right to left. »She explained.

Before adding: “If you work in this kind of industry, if you know anyone, if you can help me, please contact me on Insta. “.

Jazz Correia concluded by confessing that she would like the JLC Family to be a big family! We wish him to achieve it!


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