Jay-Z attacks a children’s book in court!


Jay-Z is suing a website that sells a book that teaches the alphabet with the names of hip-hop / rap stars. He blames them for the use of one of his known ultra sentences. We explain to you!

Indeed, Jay-Z is at the heart of a legal proceeding since last year. For cause a children’s book uses on the back cover a stanza of the rapper. That’s why Beyoncé’s husband is pursuing a small Australian site, for using his name but also his songs. As the Australian newspaper The Age reports, Shawn Cards aka Jay Z reportedly filed suit on November 22.

He clearly accuses the book “The Little Homie” of violating his intellectual property. The paper goes on to explain that the lawyers say the company has taken advantage of the rapper’s image! But also exploited the song “99 Problems”. This book proposes a book whose title is more than clear, “A B to Jay-Z”.

It’s unheard of in the history of rap, Jay-Z appears in a book for children that takes up some of his lyrics. Besides, it is not the least known! Because it is the famous song “99 Problems” which is used without any agreement. This book also uses other rapper images, since on each page appears a different star portrait to illustrate the letter. So, Jay Z appears on the last page for the letter Z.

Already in March 2018, Jay-Z had asked the company to stop the sale of these books. But in vain ! According to the lawyers this “was calculated to hurt, hurt. Continues to damage Mr. Carter’s reputation and goodwill. ” So the case will support its first hearing on December 6th.

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