Jay-Z is 50: all you need to know about the fortune of the first billionaire rapper!


Forbes hit again and revealed the fortune of American rapper Jay-Z. He would have raised $ 1 billion through his various businesses in different fields.

Indeed, Jay-Z can boast of being a business by itself, because according to the Forbes report, the rapper became the first hip-hop artist to hold a billion dollars through his business. Especially in areas such as alcohol, art, real estate but also companies like Uber. You must know that before knowing the glory, the rapper was a dealer and Brooklyn! Then in ’96 the wind turned, he launched his own label Roc-A-Fella Records. Then follows his first album “Reasonable Doubt”.

Since then, you do not need to count the number of albums and Grammy wins! But it must be said that today when we think of Shawn Carter we think more about business than sound! Forbes thus analyzed his fortune with calculations, subtractions to arrive at this sum. They estimate that the rapper has $ 220 million in cash and investments. With also, a colossal participation at Uber, estimated at 70 million dollars!

Jay-Z has so much money that according to the latest news he would have given rolex to his guests! It’s to tell you! Besides, you must know that he also owns the Tidal music service. Launched in 2015 with a number of celebrities like Beyoncé, Kanye West and Calvin Harris who have invested. All estimated at 100 million dollars! Not to mention Roc Nation, which Jay-Z created more than ten years ago with Live Nation. The label has many talents such as Rihanna and J. Cole, and would be worth $ 75 million. Add to that the sounds of JAY-Z and what they generate!

In addition, Forbes, estimates that Jay-Z has a collection of art worth 70 million dollars. He would also have many real estate. Because he and Beyoncé bought a $ 26 million mansion and a $ 88 million estate in Los Angeles. But also a good in the neighborhood of Tribeca in New York, for the sum of $ 6.85 million.


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