Jay Lo turned 53 today. Naturally, she celebrated by announcing that she was releasing a “Butt Balm.” And more


Jennifer Lopez’s life has been pretty sweet lately. Two decades after breaking up with him, Lopez finally married Ben Affleck in Las Vegas, and they seem incredibly happy. All this time, the entertainment tycoon, as usual, shoots a lot of business films. Well, today is a special occasion for J.Lo, as she celebrates her 53rd birthday, and the star celebrates this new year of life in a very special way. It turns out that she is releasing a brand new “buttock balm” and shared even more interesting news.

Jennifer Lopez said this in a video posted in her newsletter. The star expressed excitement, talking about his first ever “fall of the body of J. Lo.” Although Lopez has released many products designed for facial skin care, she believes that something needs to be developed to maintain the rest of the body. At the same time, she gave the fans the aforementioned “ass balm”, and there is still good news for those who would like to get their hands on it.

A product designed for those who want to improve their “assets” will not appear until August. However, the artist explained that she had previously pulled out a limited amount of balm and was giving her mailing list subscribers early access to it. Despite the fact that it’s her birthday, it seems the star wanted to give her fans a gift, as their “love and support mean so much” to her. She also posted a post on her Instagram that gives an even better idea of what potential consumers can expect from the product. Check it out below:

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Jennifer Lopez definitely knows how to satisfy her fans, and it would not be surprising if her most loyal fans quickly grabbed this first portion of “ass balm”. And here are many more birthdays for the performer and quick results for those who will eventually buy the balm.

That’s not all…


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