Jay Leno Joked, Comparing His Recent Accident With Jeremy Renner, and There Are Thoughts on The Internet


Jay Leno and Jeremy Renner survived terrible accidents in early 2023. The former late-night talk show host broke his collarbone and two ribs in a motorcycle accident just a couple of months after he was seriously injured in a car fire. Meanwhile, the Kingstown mayor’s actor is on a long road to recovery after a “traumatic” snowplow accident on New Year’s Day in which he broke more than 30 bones. Both incidents were tragic in their own way, but some fans did not think that this made them comparable, and many did not agree with Leno’s recent joke on this score.

As a former host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno is known for making jokes at someone else’s expense, and he’s not afraid to include himself in these jokes. However, some seemed to think it was bad form when he tweeted a joke about his and Jeremy Renner’s accidents. He texted:

I was riding a motorcycle on Lake Tahoe, turned the corner and, bam, crashed into Jeremy Renner’s snowplow. January 27, 2023

However, some fans didn’t believe the car enthusiast’s humor as they pointed out the severity of Jeremy Renner’s injuries, which were reportedly life-threatening, which insiders said were even worse than anyone knew. As one Twitter user put it:

Not funny. Renner broke 30 bones while saving his nephew’s life. Respect to the guy. Clean guts.

Others supported this assessment with comments on Jay Leno’s post, including:

  • How funny it is.
  • Guy almost died, Jay.
  • Oh, Jay, come on. Come on, man, you can’t say that

However, many people also wrote comments in defense of Jay Leno’s joke, noting that as a comedian he literally jokes and copes with life. The former late-night host said it himself, claiming that no one likes whiny celebrities. He said that he understands that there is a “risk factor” in his actions, and you should laugh in scary situations, because then people laugh with you. Many on Twitter seemed to agree with this logic, with one fan tweeting:

For everyone who is upset about Jay, a couple of thoughts. First Jay got into a real accident, a speedy recovery, sir. 2g, if we don’t bring a little levity to life, then life becomes just an angry journey. 3d, has anyone asked Jeremy what he thinks of this joke? I’m sure he’ll smile at Jay Leno.

Others agreed that Jay Leno’s joke was unlikely to upset Jeremy Renner, who was reportedly dragged under a snowplow while trying to save his nephew. Other comments in Leno ‘s defense included:

  • I doubt @JeremyRenner is offended by this… he seems like a reasonable guy, maybe he’s laughing.
  • Jeremy Renner himself jokes about his snowplow… they both have a sense of humor, and this despite the fact that they recover faster than most.

Jeremy Renner is definitely positive as he begins his recovery, and it’s true that humor was part of that process. When fellow Avengers Chris Evans jokingly asked if anyone had bothered to at least check the snowplow, Renner seemed to appreciate this feeling with his funny answer:

I love you brother…. I checked the snow cat, it needs fuel. 😉 😂

Humor can certainly be an effective survival mechanism after the likes of Jay Leno and Jeremy Renner. Anyway, we at CinemaBlend wish them both the best on the road to recovery. Currently, you can see Renner in the series “Mayor of Kingstown”, available on a Paramount+ subscription, and see what else will appear in our TV program for 2023.


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