Jay From ENHYPEN Is Criticized For a Remark on The History of Korea, He Apologizes


ENHYPEN member Jay was sharply criticized for his statements about Korean history, and the idol issued an official apology.

On January 10, Jay hosted a live broadcast with another ENHYPEN member, Seonghoon. The topic of Korean history arose when one of the participants Songhun said live: “I think the history of Korea is really interesting. »

In response, Jay said, “I’m more interested in world history. I’ve already studied a lot of Korean history at school.”

Then he continued: “History is a subject that interests me, so I can say that there is not much material on Korean history. You study it for a few weeks, look through the little material that is there, and everything is ready. It’s like a short story.

But there is no end to this story in other countries. I have researched the history of various countries, and there is no end to the rich stories. These countries, their stories continue and so on. But the history of Korea is just beginning, and then it ends so quickly. Like, is that it?”

It goes without saying that the history of Korea is particularly rich and dates back to very ancient times. The history of Korea goes back thousands of years. According to Samguk Yuksa, the first Korean kingdom, Kochoson, was founded in 2333 BC.

Therefore, Jay’s words were sharply criticized by the Korean public.

In response to the criticism on January 11, Jay posted an official apology via Weverse. He texted :

“Hi, this is Jay from ENHANCE.

After today’s Weverse Live, I was completely shocked by everyone’s responses.

Whatever the reason, I sincerely apologize for causing trouble in ENGENE’s hearts.

I spoke too casually on such an important subject as the history of Korea, based only on my personal impression.

I shouldn’t have spoken so lightly with the meager knowledge I have on this subject.

And again, it’s time for me to realize how much I still have to learn.

I never intended to speak lightly about the proud history of our country, but now I see that my words could well have gone this way, and this is my mistake. I’m sorry.

I will pay more attention and study to become an artist who does not embarrass ENGENE.

I always learn so much from all of you.

Thanks. »

Despite the idol’s apology, netizens expressed disappointment and anger over Jay’s remarks.

  • “The history of our country is so long and there is so much to learn… That’s why it’s so important to learn more about the history of Korea. “
  • “The historical roots of our country are really deep! Even someone who doesn’t know much about it, like me.
  • “He had mean intentions, and the content (of his remarks) was stupid.”
  • “Anyway, LOL. If there is no information in a thousand-year history and it is a short novel, is America (history) a sketch comedy? “
  • “That’s how he spreads the band name. He said it despite his cock trying to hold him down. “
  • “I can’t forgive him. Normally I’m not interested in idols disputes, so I don’t even leave comments, but it’s really unforgivable.”
  • “Even I, a “real” Korean, found the lessons of Korean history very difficult and asked my ancestors why they write down so much (history). I remember drinking so much soju after the tests. What is this guy saying? “
  • “I’m very upset.” Who are you to belittle our history? ㅠㅠ. »

On the other hand, Jay, known for having dual citizenship in South Korea and the United States, received most of his primary education in Korea.

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