Jay Cutler reacted to Kristin Cavallari’s film “Toxic” Comment about marriage


Earlier this week, Kristin Cavallari made headlines by talking about her ex-husband, former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

“I hope he finds someone, I really hope,” Cavallari said on Wednesday’s edition of the podcast “Call Her Daddy.” “I want him to be happy. My kids benefit from it, you know. So I hope he gets married again.”

However, she also suggested that her marriage to Cutler was toxic. “It was toxic. Point. The end of the story. That’s all I have to say,” she said.

Well, Cutler heard her comments and wanted to clarify the situation. The former NFL quarterback appeared on the Sofia with F podcast and was asked about Cavallari’s “toxic” comment.

Here’s what he said via Yahoo Sports:

He said not responding to Cavallari’s public digs “was all I wanted” during their divorce, Cutler said. “I have three children. At some point they will read something, they will ask questions. So I kind of avoided it all. If she wants to say something, she can say something. I’m not going down this path because of her. She is still the mother of my children.”

Cavallari has been very vocal since her breakup with Cutler.

Meanwhile, the former NFL quarterback never seems to refuse to answer—in a public forum—to his ex-wife.


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