Jay B and SOMO: FUME Show The Value Of Caring For The Environment


GOT7 JB just released his solo album surprised fans with his eco-friendly side. After releasing the BTW MV, Jay B met with his fans to talk about SOMO: FUME, an album that inspires AHGASE.

Through a live broadcast, Jaebeom greeted his fans and talked about his experience preparing the long-awaited record material. The singer even took a look at the MV and responded to comments, but also took a moment to show what SOMO: FUME looks like.

With a brief unboxing, Jay B presented in front of the camera the way in which the outer packaging and the photobook were designed, elements that stood out in the eyes of the fans for their original style and how personal this album was looks.

The brown packaging has the design of an envelope that has been sent as a special package, a detail that is important for two special reasons. First of all, the leader of GOT7 has confessed that lately, he writes a lot, not only songs but his experiences and even letters to himself that he plans to read later.

In addition, there is the fact that through SOMO: FUME he showed a more personal facet of his creativity and his career, addressing the musical style that he enjoys the most and performing all the lyrics for the songs.


While the singer presented the details of the packaging, he did not hesitate to bring it closer to the camera and show a recycling stamp on the back. Surely no fan will want to get rid of this piece of the album to recycle it, but it also lets us see that it was also created in an ecological way.

Jay B mentioned the importance of taking care of the environment even though small actions and surprised his fans by making a special mention for this part of SOMO: FUME.

There is no doubt that Jaebeom is an inspiration to his followers, not only because of his musical talent and his personality but also because of those details that are part of their daily lives.


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