Jason Tartik claims that Colton Underwood “prudently” unsubscribed from him and Caitlin Bristow


In Bachelor Nation, the drama doesn’t stay exclusively on screen. Jason Tartik talks about how he and Caitlin Bristow relate to Colton Underwood, and said that everything is not so rosy between them.

The 33-year-old investment banker spoke about his experience of participating in the ABC dating series on Monday, April 4, on the episode of his podcast “Trade Secrets”, admitting that “there is no way” to become a more successful bachelor than 30-year-old Underwood. who was the host of season 23 in 2019.

“One of the main reasons is that I’m boring. I’m vanilla,” said Tartik. “They know that I wouldn’t be manipulated, I wouldn’t do crazy things. He was absolutely right. He hit the target.”

When guest David Arduin asked if Tartik was in touch with the author of “The First Time,” the podcaster quickly replied “no.” “[I] don’t talk to him. Ironically, I just found out that he recently unsubscribed from Caitlin and me,” the New York native continued. “I don’t know why. We reciprocated.”

The author of the “Restart Roadmap” called Underwood “very calculating”, reflecting on the “timeline” of their consequences on social networks. “He asked me several times to do an interview so that I would star for him in one of the Netflix shows. It was before his [show] Coming Out Colton,” Tartik said. “He was going to do a show with Cassie [Randolph], and then he was going to perform alone with his friends. He worked every corner to get a Netflix show. And I praise him, you know, he knows what he wants and goes for it. It’s just interesting. I’m like, “Dude, whatever you need, but I can help.” If you need Caitlin, I’ll call Caitlin for an interview. Anything we can do to help you.”

Tartik admitted that he “knows little” about the specifics of Underwood’s projects, but is still ready to help a friend. (Both men competed in the 14th season of Becky Kufrin’s “Bachelorette Party” and made it to the final four.)

“I interviewed Colton two or three times for Netflix, and then he came to Nashville in the summer, hung out with Caitlin and me. the entrepreneur continued. “He was still him. He was a little out of touch with where he said he would be and why. And then all this shit happened. I remember him FaceTime Cassie a couple of times, which was interesting, and, like, he [supported] it with Caitlin and me.”

26-year-old Underwood and Randolph began their romance in the 23rd season of “The Bachelor” and lasted until May 2020. After they broke up, the California native requested a temporary injunction against her ex, claiming he harassed and harassed her. The application was rejected in November 2020, and in April of the following year, the former football player publicly declared himself gay.

Tartik, for his part, got engaged to Bristow in May 2021 after more than two years of dating. When asked where he is currently with Underwood, the University of Rochester graduate said: “There are so many open questions. …We were so close.”

While Tartik admitted he hadn’t seen “Colton’s Exit,” which debuted on Netflix last year, he was glad to see his former co-star “living a happy life” with fiancee Jordan S. Brown. However, he seems to have supported Randolph, with whom they spent time in the season 26 finale of “The Bachelor.” The speech therapist student later appeared on Bristow’s “Off the Vine” podcast.

“I heard from the show that he is largely to blame for what happened to Cassie. … I am so sad and sorry for what she went through,” Tartik added. “But I’m also happy that Colton seems to have recognized it, moved on and found happiness. …And that’s where the cookie crumbles because of the whole Colton situation.”