Jason Sudeikis and his girlfriend Keely Hazel broke up after almost 1 year of relationship


Star Ted Lasso, 46, and model, 35, were first linked in February 2021, but a source told us at the time that their relationship was strictly platonic.

“They’ve been friends since they met on Horrible Bosses 2,” an insider exclusively reported. “They definitely got close, but Jason is absolutely not ready for any serious relationship.”

Four months later, Sudeikis and the English native made headlines when they were photographed embracing in New York. We subsequently confirmed their promising romance.

The Kansas native’s relationship with Hazell began immediately after his breakup with Olivia Wilde. Sudeikis and the 38-year-old director of Booksmart, who have son Otis, 8, and daughter Daisy, 5, started dating in 2011, and two years later the Emmy Award winner asked a question. We confirmed their breakup in November 2020.

“I’ll understand better why [it happened] a year from now,” the graduate told GQ’s “Saturday Night Live” in an interview in July 2021, touching on the end of his engagement for the first time. “And one of two is even better, and one of five is even better, and it will turn from the book of my life into a chapter, into a paragraph, into a line, into a word, into a doodle. ”

He continued: “This is an experience from which you either learn or justify yourself. You take some responsibility for it, you take responsibility for what you do, but then you also try to learn something from it beyond the obvious.”

As the exes continue to manage their relationship with their parents, Wilde received custody papers during an appearance at CinemaCon last month.

“Documents were drawn up to establish jurisdiction over the children of Ms. Wilde and Mr. Sudeikis,” a source told us after the incident, noting that the “We are the Millers” star did not know when the documents would be delivered. “He would never allow her to be served in such an inappropriate way.”

The New York native was discussing her upcoming directorial project “Don’t Worry, Darling”, which is scheduled for release in September, when during an event in Las Vegas she was handed a Manila envelope marked “personal and confidential”.

After breaking up with Sudeikis, Wilde began dating Harry Styles, whom she met on the set of a thriller. Earlier this year, a graduate of the House explained the value of being open with her children about her personal life.

“Parenting forces you to be honest about how you live. It makes the decisions you make clear and precise,” the “Tron: Legacy” actress told Vogue in January. “I think we have an obligation to make children happy. They feel it. They’re so intuitive. The idea that you can trick your kids into thinking you’re happy is ridiculous.”