Jason Oppenheim is open to double dates with girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk, former Chriscell Status and Ji Flip


A couple of friendly exes. After the breakup of the relationship between Jason Oppenheim and Krischel Staus, the reality TV stars remained on good terms and supported each other’s new novels.

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“I could have [a double date with Crischell],” the 45—year-old co-founder of the Oppenheim Group told E! News on Wednesday, August 10. “I like going out to dinner with Chris, and I really like G [Flip] too. I could do it. We could do it. I’m in. Crishell, if you’re in, I’m in.

Colleagues in the “Sunset Sale” briefly met between July and December 2021. However, they eventually separated after disagreements over future family plans.

“It was an extremely difficult time, and I think it was a conscious decision that we didn’t film together,” the UC Berkeley graduate told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview in April about their breakup. “I was uncomfortable. I mean, it was a very difficult time.”

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At the time, he added, “I’m still working through everything, you know, emotions and feelings even months later. I think it will be a longer process than I expected. …I’m trying my best, but it’s still a bit raw. And I think watching the last episode again, you know, made it even more difficult.”

After the couple was spotted together in Mykonos, Greece, last month, the company “Selling OC Personality” switched to model Marie-Lou Nurk. One source even told us that Oppenheim was “really happy and in a good place,” while another insider reported that their affair was “nothing serious” and was a casual affair.

The real estate agent and Nurka’s bond has since heated up when they made their red carpet debut on Wednesday at the Day Shift premiere in Los Angeles. While the couple hugged in front of the cameras, they also teased Entertainment Tonight that their promising love story could be featured in the next season of the Netflix documentary series.

“We’re talking about it,” Oppenheim told ET, noting that it’s likely to be just a brief appearance.

The 41-year-old author of Under Construction has also moved on to 27-year-old musician G Flip.

The chronology of the relationship between Krischel Stauss and Ji Flip

“Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone who is very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They are non—binary, so they are called they/they,” Staus said about their unexpected romance during the reunion of the fifth season of “Sunset Sale”, which was broadcast in May 2022.

She continued, “I think I was as surprised as anyone. Nothing much has changed for me, I am still very attracted to male energy and a good person. I’ve heard people talk about it, and they say: “I’ve known this since I was young.” It’s not me. I’m just very open to good energy. I do not know what the future holds for me. … I know that we are constantly being judged in this position, but in the end, I am so happy.”

Although both Oppenheim and Staus recovered from their broken hearts, they were able to remain friends and colleagues. “We are more than cordial,” he told E! News on Wednesday about his current relationship with the former soap opera star. “We are still very good friends. We support each other. She’s happy for me, and I’m happy for her.”


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