Jason Momoa Screams About Wife Emilia Clarke From Game of Thrones Again, And It Never Stops Being Charming


The bonds built between the stars of “Game of Thrones” are strong, and several reunions of actors caused fans serious FOMO after the show ended. But the bond between on-screen spouses Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke seems especially strong. These two see each other quite often and always seem to show love for each other when the opportunity presents itself. The two co-stars recently reunited again, and Momoa called out Clarke in a cute social media post. Besides, as expected, their friendship is still too charming.

Momoa and Clark, who played Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen, respectively, met again at the Sundance Film Festival, where the latter premiered her new film “Pod Generation”. Momoa couldn’t help but share his congratulations for the actress and shared a charming photo of the moment in his Instagram story. You can check it out below:

The Aquaman star always seems to be very happy to see his good buddy, and frankly, you like to see it. The “See You Soon” actress posted a cute photo for Momoa’s birthday in 2019, in which the two of them are hugging. She also shared a photo of another of their charming outing, which was attended by Kit Harrington. Every time someone sees similar messages, they can’t help but miss a couple and their GoT colleagues. While it’s sad that the series is over, it’s definitely nice to know that they’re still so close.

Both Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke are certainly busy these days, which makes you wonder which of them has time for meetings. Momoa recently completed the filming of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is one of the most high-profile films in the release schedule of new films in 2023. He is also set to star in Fast X, the latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise, and is currently starring in a TV show called Chief of War. Momoa’s schedule is tight to say the least, but I think he would try to make room for his former co-star if she wanted to hang out or collaborate.

Clarke also had a successful acting career after GoT. In addition to The Pod Generation, she will also star in the Cold War film “McCarthy” alongside Michael Shannon. In particular, she plays one of the main roles along with Samuel L. Jackson in the long-awaited new Marvel show “Secret Invasion”, which is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ this year. The release date is still unknown, but the owners of the Disney+ subscription will be able to see it very soon. Probably, both actors decided to try their hand at the superhero genre in recent years, and this is another element that connects them. One can only hope that the bond will last for many years, and that they will never forget the time spent in Westeros.

Fans can revisit the complicated relationship between the cast characters in “Game of Thrones” now, as it is currently being broadcast to anyone with an HBO Max subscription.


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