Jason Momoa on why he continues to act as his father a little longer after filming the movie “Fast and Furious X”


Jason Momoa is one of those actors who seems to spend too much time on screen shirtless, even when he’s not playing Aquaman. However, the actor doesn’t have his current torn muscles, which people often see. He may be a little less pumped up, but it turns out that he likes his “father’s body”, and he is in no hurry to get rid of it.

The soon-to-be Fast X villain recently appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and the host mentioned that Momoa recently underwent hernia surgery. The actor reported that he is in pretty good physical shape after the surgery, but he still doesn’t worry when it comes to exercise so as not to injure himself. Besides, he just doesn’t want to play sports. Momoa said…

Everything is fine, I still don’t really do squats. I’m trying to keep my father’s body a little longer, you know what I mean? Well, I don’t want to do squats anymore, so.

In fact, it’s nice to hear how Jason Momoa doesn’t praise constant training. Almost everyone who makes superhero movies or participates in any major franchise has become necessary to put themselves in ridiculous shape. And while many actors like Mark Wahlberg eventually fell in love with the workout lifestyle once they became a part of it, Momoa is apparently just not that guy.

He will obviously do the work when he needs it, but he is honest about not liking it. Most likely, he won’t run shirtless much in Fast X because of his “fatherly body”, although it can be assumed that he could still remain quite active despite recovering from surgery.

James Corden does not agree with the description of the “father’s body”, because, let’s face it, although Jason Momoa may not have a perfect abs right now, he still looks pretty impressive. However, Kristen Bell, who appeared with Momoa on The Late Late Show and admitted that she is a big fan of “Game of Thrones” and a fan of Jason Momoa, came to his defense, saying…

He can say whatever he wants.

Jason Momoa will certainly return to his usual action hero physique soon, but he clearly likes not to worry about working out a lot, so he’s in no hurry to get back to the gym. We’ve recently seen Jason Momoa take on a more diverse portfolio of work. We thought he was just expanding his acting horizons, but maybe he’s also looking for roles that won’t require him to resemble Aquaman on screen.

Those of us out of shape welcome you, Jason Momoa. There is no need to constantly look like a walking brick wall.


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