Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet at the Golden Globes: they opt for matching looks!


Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet attended the Golden Globes. The couple seem more fulfilled than ever, enough to delight their fans!

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet marked the Golden Globes ceremony! Netizens have noticed that the actor even did a touching act to his wife. We will explain everything to you !

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet appeared more in love than ever at the Golden Globes. Together for more than ten years, the couple seem more united than ever. The 40-year-old actor has had tremendous success in recent years. Indeed, his last film Aquaman, released in 2018, pulverized the scores. He has collected more than one billion box office receipts worldwide. A record for a feature film taken from DC Comics.

In addition, Jason Momoa also spent time with his wife’s daughter Zoé Kravitz at the Golden Globes. The latter even presented an award at the ceremony. In addition, she is also experiencing a great rise in cinema. So, she will play the role of Catwoman in the next Batman alongside Robert Pattinson. A boon for the rising star.

Jason Momoa wore a signed velvet jacket, Tom Ford. In addition, he bet on Valentino pants. His Cartier watch also caused a sensation. Finally, her outfit cost more than $ 260,000, as claimed by her stylist. His wife chose a long dress with printed flowers.

Internet users have noticed Jason Momoa’s tender attention to his wife. Indeed, he kindly lent her his jacket because it was cold during the ceremony. And, the young man showed his apparent muscles, enough to delight his fans. The actor is likely to make a comeback in Aquaman 2. For the time being, the actor often promotes his latest project, the See series aired on Apple. The star’s career is not about to end and we can’t wait to see his next films!


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