Jason Momoa knows that he often dies in the movies. How did his child react the last time this happened


There are certain actors who like the idea of dying on screen. They like to act out a tasteless death scene, knowing that they will appear in another movie somewhere in the future. Jason Momoa is not that kind of person. He realizes that he has earned a reputation due to the fact that his characters are dying on the screen, and, according to the star of “Aquaman”, this begins to bother his children when they watch his films and TV shows.

Jason Momoa met with GQ magazine when he was in London to shoot his roles for the upcoming Fast X, and talked about how many times he died on screen. And the way the action hero phrased the conversation, he made it more about how his kids react to his death on screen, which now makes me feel a little bad about it. Momoa told GQ:

My kids are always like this: “Are you going to die again? You’re always dying. Obviously, I made a name for myself by dying. So if you see me, it’s like, “Momoa will jump on the bomb, I know it!”

The funny thing is that when I think about Jason Momoa on screen, I don’t automatically think about the fact that his characters have died. Naturally, the first role I go for him is Aquaman, defender of the oceans. And although the actor admits that he was beaten during the filming of the upcoming “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” he definitely survives.

Keep in mind that there is a short shot of Arthur Curry’s death in the extended version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but now you can see if this is canon. DC’s ten-year plan should clarify all of this.

OK, it’s time to wander into spoiler territory, so stop reading if you haven’t seen Dune yet. Last warning.

As part of a conversation about his screen deaths. Jason Momoa mentioned the recent death he experienced on screen as Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One. He falls, swaying, that’s for sure, giving the last battle to the Sardaukar warriors. Here’s a look for yourself in this clip. It’s pretty cool.

Even that bothered Jason Momoa’s kids, as the actor told GQ that he watched it with his kids and told them:

It was pretty heartbreaking because I thought: “I’m here, buddy!” But he’s like, “Daddy noooo.”

Which he does. This means that Jason Momoa will not be in the sequel “Dune: Part Two”, filming of which began in Budapest. The cast of the Dune sequel is ridiculously complex, including Florence Pugh in a key role, Christopher Walken and Elvis’ breakout Austin Butler, who should be in the Oscar race for the role of the legendary pop singer from Memphis. And we know Momoa won’t die in the movie… because he’s already dead. Sorry, Momoa kids.


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