Jason Momoa gets a sweet birthday message from Lisa Bonet’s ex-boyfriend Lenny Kravitz, and motorcycles are involved


Celebrating his recent birthday in style, Jason Momoa shared several posts about motorcycles that highlighted his love of hobbies. Anyone who is familiar with the star of upcoming films such as “Dreamland” and “Aquaman 2” understands how much his hobby means to him. Lisa Bonet’s friend and colleague Lenny Kravitz obviously knows about Momoa’s passion for two-wheeled entertainment, and it was this topic that was touched upon in a sweet birthday message from the singer to his buddy.

After Momoa’s own motorcycle photos taken in honor of his birthday, Kravitz took the time to share a photo of the two of them riding together. Taking to the open road on his own bikes, the star of the “Hunger Games” shared his message on Instagram.

It’s a friendship that has made the internet a happy witness to its development; and it’s not the first time the boys have been seen riding bikes together. Lenny Kravitz previously shared a photo on a bike with Jason Momoa, showing support after Momoa’s breakup with Lisa Bonet this year. These feelings of ohana between them seem only stronger in the light of this heartfelt birthday greeting.

Despite Jason Momoa’s recent motorcycle accident, it didn’t stop him from expressing his love for this type of transport. If it’s convenient for him to brag about how happy he still is with his bikes, then, in fact, everyone else can do it. Lenny Kravitz seems to be one of those friends who asked before sharing such a photo, even if he was sure Momoa was calm about it.

Since both men are active actors and best friends, Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz seem ready for some friendly comedy/reality show. Regardless of which option is chosen, motorcycles must be involved in the project, because this is not a problem. In addition, there is no limit to what is possible thanks to this birthday post, which further fuels Momoa and Kravitz’s friendship in the public consciousness.

Jason Momoa’s dance card has been pretty busy for some time, starting with Netflix’s “Dreamland,” which is due to be released in 2022. In addition, the list of still active upcoming DC films includes Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is scheduled to premiere on March 17, 2023. Meanwhile, Lenny Kravitz is starring in TBD 2022 himself, as he is part of the cast for Jennifer Lopez’s action. -The comedy “Shotgun Wedding”; which debuts at some point on Prime Video.


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